Q&A: Winter Rains Are Coming

Rain drops on stone fence

Q: The winter rains we get on Vancouver Island will be here soon. Last year, every time we got heavy rain for a few days, I got water in my basement. How can I prepare this year?

A: Aside from rare exceptions, every house has a 'perimeter system' or 'weeping/drain tile' installed around the outside of its foundation. Over the years, sediment accumulates from roof and driveway run-off, and/or roots penetrate the system, often causing a blockage. Since water will always take the path of least resistance, and is under substantial hydraulic pressure, especially for deeper systems, water can end up in your basement or crawlspace.

We recommend a perimeter drain camera inspection/cleaning. Worst case situations require this annually, but most houses can go about 5 years between maintenance visits.